Chironomid Tips Please

Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
I have stopped using tapered leaders. I used to go to 15 foot 10 pound and use a jointed barrel swivel and then run 6 to 10 pound fluorocarbon. This year I'm going with 30 lb. fluorocarbon of 20 feet, the swivel and then running tippet. I fish a lot of long leaders for chironomids or trolling leeches on my dry lines. This casts just as well and gives me more flexibility with quick release indicators.
Where are you fishing Puget Sound?
Where are you fishing Puget Sound?
Near Kamloops at this time. I've gone to carrying 5, 10, 15 and 20 foot lengths of fluorocarbon with a loop at one end and a swivel at the other. Depending on the depth I'm fishing I connect tippet to the swivel. I use quick release indicators with the line passing through the peg so it only slides down as far as the swivel. Doing this I rid myself of all the various lengths of tapered leaders I carried around. When casting with an indicator it's not like I need to make perfect casts with pinpoint accuracy. This set up casts fine and I save money not buying tapered leaders.


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good to know - what size is that fly
Not sure. Each hook seems to be vastly different, what one brand calls a 12 is an 18 for another. I'd call it an 8 or 10 because it's big. There were some huge bugs coming off the top so I found one of the biggest mids in my box.