Hardy 8wt Demon

Was looking at the Hardy Demon Salt at the fly show. Anybody cast or fish the9-0 8wt? Looking into rods at the mid level that I can use for PS salmon and freshwater streamer fishing. I know, the proverbial do it all rod. Not much out there on the Demon. Any help would be appreciated. T
I've shop wiggled the 9wt Demon Salt, feels very light! But shops over here are already advertising the Zephrus SWS rods - 35%! I have the 6 & 10wt, really nice rods & not broomsticks like the 8 & 11wt Proaxis-X's I have, i'd try & find a Zephrus SWS on a deal if i was you? I'm tempted to enter the 12wt world on a good deal!

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