FS A Few Extra Fly Tying Materials and Accessories

A1E94C94-2940-4137-965E-790701907BFE.jpeg B5BCAE83-9AB3-43C6-B528-D9D5F53D55BC.jpeg EEC07BA5-6DB7-46B3-811C-D1D1A07708CE.jpeg FS Spool Safe W/17 Spools of Mylar Tinsel, 19 Spools of Holograph Tinsel, 16 Spools of
Giorgio Benecci Thread, and 18 Spools of Ultra Wire. A Total of 72 Spools. $85
A Jim Teeny Line Winder $35
An Oasis Double Dubbing Tower W/8 Boxes. $65
Sirman (Czech) Turbo Brush Spinner $30
Henry’s Fork Hackle, 10 Packs. $20
Metz Ezekiel Bug 5 packs. $10
A US Balance Scale 500grn/0.01grm. $15
A Larva Lace Cutting Board and Cutting Tool. $15
Selection 6 Color Box. $7.50
Micro Zelon, 8 Packages. $16
Crinkled Zelon, 10 Packages. $20
Cactus Chenille, 17 Packages $38.25
Krystal Flash Chenille, 2 Packages $5
Misc Dubbing, Whitlock’s 2 Packages, Hareline Ice Dub 3 Packages, Antron 3 Packages, and
Hareline Para Post 2 Packages. A total of 10 Packages, $12.50

The Whole 9 Yards $225 Shipping Included.
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Old Man

A very Old Man
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When I gave up tying flies I gave all of my tying shit away. I gave it to a tier on here. Now when I need a few flies, I just hit him up with a PM. I think I gave away about $600.00 worth.

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