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Fishing my goto crappie rig last week. 1/80 oz rootbeer micro jiglet on a #12 sickle jig hook. About 3-4ft under an indicator. Cast, let the rings settle, then 6''-12'' aggressive strips all the way back in. Pause for 5-10 sec between each strip. The stripped indicator causes commotion sort of like a "popping cork" and the helpless trailing jig gets smashed.



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It happens, and it’s wonderful. One time I gave up on big streamers in frustration and settled for catching some bluegills on a PTN. Well, I ended up catching two largemouths and two peacocks up to the size of yours.

By the way, some hookset someone must have done on the poor fella...


I always try topwater first because its so much more fun but when thats a no-go, they will surely eat little bugs too!!

The first two pics are of the same fish. Real skinny, definitely in post spawn condition. Scarface doesn't quite do those facial injuries justice! Also that fish originally came from a body of water with a pretty healthy population of alligators, so.... who knows?

Its hard to tell from the pics but the third one is a different much fatter (pre-spawn??) fish. Probably weighted another 0.5lb.

@Bimini15 - Im jealous of your peacocks.....someday, someday!

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I was down there for the first time a couple weeks ago catching bass, panfish and Oscars! That was a new one for me.
A little unnerving to have the commotion of a splashing fish attract the sizable (to me) gators. I watched as one of the Oscars became a meal when I released it.

It was a new experience for me fishing surrounded by exotic birds, house plants and dinosaurs.
It made for a relatively inexpensive mid winter warmup.

You should plan a trip down there billy!

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