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Up for sale is a used once Dave Scadden Freestyle H3 float tube. Includes stripping basket and storage bag with backpack straps. This is an ideal setup to hike into the basin lakes which will be fishing well very soon. It is about 6' long, completely frameless, class 2 rated and in excellent condition. This had a 15yr warranty at the time of purchase so it should still be well within its warranty period. These are much more durable than many other similar boats on the market.

Asking $300 which does not include shipping.


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Here is one we bought from this breeders earlier litter almost two years ago. He is posing for the ladies and marketing his stud service.


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Here are some specs I was able to gather. This is one very durable craft and given the excellent condition, it will last for years.

Length: 6 ft
Width: 4 ft
Weight: 18 lbs.
Capacity: 500 lbs.
Pontoons: 3000 Denier upper with whitewater grade material bottom


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How old is this boat? I don't see it on the Scadden website. Also, did they offer it in different sizes?


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I bought this new in 2007 from Dave. He and so had a lengthy conversation at the time about its scalability and durability. I used it once at Dry Falls and it was superb. This did not come in other sizes.

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