Lenice and Life Report


~El Pescador
nice report Shawn. I enjoyed the conversation and cold beer with you and your fishing buddies in your trailer a few weeks ago.
I will be back on the 13th of April.



if it's not this, then what?
I always wondered how it would be like staying at Lenice for a few weeks. The most I stayed was 4 days in a small RV. Yes, the lake is not what it is like years ago, but still enjoyable to be out there. Thanks for the report and photos Shawn.

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
I always wondered how it would be like staying at Lenice for a few weeks. The most I stayed was 4 days in a small RV. Yes, the lake is not what it is like years ago, but still enjoyable to be out there. Thanks for the report and photos Shawn.
So NW, like I say for many of the last 23 years we have been planning for this. Over the years we have talked with those "Old Guy's" (Oldest to date 86) that would drive in on Sunday afternoon while we were packing up to go back to work and responsibility of life. We were always kinda jealous, then we figured out that we should work a plan that would get us there, and allow us to be those "Old Guys".

There are some big pluses, and probably some minuses (like not trying new things). You can Slow Down! You don't have to rush to the lake, you leave the water when you want (tired, no windy days, no down pour days, no crowded days, etc). You can Learn! You can focus on the water, for where the fish might be holding, why fishing deep instead of shallow or vise-versa. You can Enjoy! You can enjoy the people around you or just being alone. You can enjoy the arriving of the season, spring, watch as new birds arrive everyday. You can enjoy the greening and blooming of flowers and sage. You can enjoy going for a bike ride in the afternoon, instead of jamming in just one more cast or hour. ETC.

I have talked with some younger guys (and older guys) and have told them make a plan to be retired as early as possible, but enjoy the journey, because plans will change, but if you don't have a plan you might never get there.

And lastly, plan a yearly repeated trip, with some of the same guys, because people that do this tend to live longer since they have a goal an entire year away and this conscious or subconscious goal helps keep us motivated.


Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
Sounds like a good time Shawn. Did you stay at Lenice the whole time? Good for learning the lake, but there’s some other water over here that’s worth checking out. Thanks for the good post and observations. That might be me in a couple of years! Tree pose forever!
Hey bakerite, since my next leisurist adventure is in Central Oregon, I am going to plan and attend one of these Yoga classes!

“So, what are you going to do with all your free time when your retired?” was a (dumb) question that I was getting asked a lot my last year of working, here is the answer.

Since I know mother nature has thrown curveballs at me many years in the past, I pulled my trailer over and stored it at MarDon resort on Feb 15th. That way I can just drive my truck over, even with bad pass conditions. (Since I wasn’t working).

I posted a right after the opener, but then had limited to no more web until yesterday, since I spent from Feb 26 – March 23 in the Lenice Parking lot and on the lake. THAT IS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO WHEN I AM RETIRED! I had for the last 23 years been jealous of “those old retired guys that got to fish all the time”, and my wife is a saint because she understood and said ok.

The short report is I had some great days, some good days and some rough days, it is fishing. The numbers were, 395 fish to net, fished 18 days (you don’t have to fish when it is windy/raining, you need to get more grocery’s or have volunteer commitments), so on average roughly 22 fish landed a day.

The lake has changed a lot in those 23 years from really big bows, browns and tigers to being able to catch a lot of 15 – 19 inch fish (I use a measure net for accuracy). The fish this year were mostly healthy, and growing well when I left the lake. As to be predicted the fish started really fighting well as the water temperature went up and the bug hatches continued increase. On opening day I had 38.9 degree lake temperature and on the Mar 23rd it was 48.7 degree. The lake level was actually rising, and had come up about 2 inches by the 23rd. The highest number of people on the lake was opening weekend, with about 30 people total, including the Skamania/Clark fly club.

I was able to meet some great new people, reconnect with people I have met over the years and shared some fires and beverages with some of the same. I was able to spend a week with some of my lifelong friends and my dad as well and these memories will hopefully be with me until my end.

I learned some new things this year. Trust your new fish/depth finder, if it shows fish fish right there and at that depth, even if it goes against everything you have learned in the past and from the “experts”. If you aren’t getting fish move and try something different. (When your retired, it isn’t a weekend sprint it is a month long marathon.) People are funny and different about what they are trying to get out of fishing public waters, where everybody can fish, with about any method that is legal for that water, and “dibs’ing” or “holding” water because someone else is going to fish there, seems funny.

And snow only on my last day on the water!

If you have questions about something, ask and I might or will try and answer. I know I have some outstanding “Messages” and I will try and get back to you in the next couple days.

Cheers and Tight Lines!

(P.S. Relax, Laugh, Have Fun and Be Friendly)