FS Fort Shockley Fly Tying Station “Gene’s Box”

E4DB635D-BECA-4181-A9D6-B88A0CECF3B5.jpeg 6408BBBA-0D90-4BBA-86C5-5A02FA41D0C2.jpeg 15171BA0-EC9A-4397-8F9B-68859412D13B.jpeg FS. Fort Shockley Fly Tying Station Gene’s Box Features European Birch Exterior, Dovetail Joinery, Solid Brass Appointments, and a White HPL Work Area. The Left Interior Door has Storage for Forty Spools, and the Right Interior Door has Two Tool Bars for your Bobbins and Tools. The Storage Drawers Feature Aromatic Cedar Drawers. There is a Keyed Lock for Security. The Dimensions are 22”x12”x12”, and the Station Weighs Approximately 28 Pounds. $649

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