Homemade Rod Holder for Pontoon


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Some folks requested pictures of my rod holder made from PVC pipe. Actually this was suggested to me and I just modified it (Thanks Tom). Hopefully the pictures have attached ok.

By notching out the horizontal piece and sliding it into an upright part of the frame before securing it the whole thing won't spin on the tube. I secured it with wire so it wouldn't slide backwards either.

Hose clamps hold it in plave along with foam placed inside the PVC to take up the gap between the pipe and metal frame.

A "U" shape is cut from the upright piece of PVC and this allows the rod to slide down in and hold securely. Works with my #5, 6 and 8 wt rods.

If the pictures don't make it in then PM me and I'll e-mail them directly to you.



Jerry Daschofsky

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Very cool and VERY creative. I remember you talking about it, but did NOT envision this. Extremely creative. I like it. May have to steal that idea from you since they don't make my rod holder anymore. Goes to show you, no one knows everything and there are always fresh ideas at hand.


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Hey looks nice..except for that rusty old wire!.....you could accomplish the same thing with a velcro strap long enough the reach around the 'toon frame and the junction on the rod holder.

Nice otherwise. :thumb:

great idea! nothing like getting just what you want and saving $ for fishing. The velcro idea is good and plastic ties snugged up with the little gun that goes with them might work just as well as hose clamps and be more streamlined. I like my rod to point straight back with the tip just off the water so I gotta do some figuring on that, but you can bet my toon will sport something similar pretty soon. :thumb:

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