SBS Articulated Squid Fly (saltwater safe)

Max P

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Did a blackmouth swap recently with this fly. I appreciate the SBS other people have posted and I thought I'd give it a try, so without further ado here it is.
Tentacle half
Hook: Gamakatsu SL12S, size 1/0
Shoulder: tan artic fox tail
Hackle: ostrich drab feather (white) sandwiched with Ice Dub UV (Shrimp Pink), Ripple Ice Fiber (smolt blue).

Front half
Shank: Blane Chocklett's articulated big game shank
Body: Blan Chocklett's body tubing (1/4")
Eyes: Witchcraft eyes (7/32", silver)
Dubbing: Ice Dub UV (Shrimp Pink)
Front Hackle: EP brush (has white fox and some pink to it)

Step 1

Attach thred

Step 2

Create a dubbing loop, use some dubbing, and artic fox

Step 3

Spin it up

Step 4

Awesome, brush and premp it out with a brush

Step 5

Make a dubbing loop. Lay out some ripple fiber and sandwich some ostrich with a little bit of dubbing.

Step 6

Wet the artic fox shoulder to prevent from spinning into your new, place material in the loop.

Step 7

Pluck the loop out to your liking and then wrap forward to the eye.

Step 8

Pluck it out and brush everything forward.

Step 9

Then brush everything back and whip finish and cement the thread head.

Step 10

Place your hook on the shank and close the shank gaps.

Step 11

Slide the body tubing on. Brush on some super glue at the back end of the shank where you plan to tie down the body tube. Tie the body tubing down and then superglue the thread wraps. Half hitch and remove thread. Slide the body tubing over itself and tie in the thread by the eye of the shank. Repeat the process to tie off the body tube with super glue. I use a GSP thread when tying down the body tubing.

Step 12

Glue the eyes on. I used Loon's UV wader repair for glue as its a little thicker. Dub the body with the Ice dub in a dubbing loop

Step 13

Tie in the EP brush and wrap about two turns of it.

Step 14

Tie your thread off, cement the head. Pick out the body and EP hackle and then brush it out.


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Nice pattern. I posted an articulated squid pattern in the “what’s in my vice” thread a few days back. Although it was not super productive for me this past weekend, it looks incredible in the water and was really easy to tie. I’m going to try and tie it up some about a 1/3rd to 1/2 of the size I did. Thinking that might be better for SRC.

Anyone out there fish these patterns regularly with success?

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