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I have an orvis hydros hd power taper WF6F that is used but still very clean and in great shape. Probably used about 6 times.

Nooksack Mac

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I have a Cortland 444 DT5F and about two WF6F lines, used but in fairly good condition. $15, mailed in U.S. (You might do better paying about the same amount for new Chinese lines on eBay.)


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Airflo Bandit WF6F, SA MPX WF5F, SA Trout Taper WF6F, they've all been used around 5 ish times. In good condition!


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Rio Gold 6 reserved for Rh427.
Please send P M to complete the transaction. ***Note, I may not be able to answer till Saturday evening.
(have some more lines 5, 6 too)

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