Trip Report South fork Bosie River

I fished the South Fork of the Boise River last week for the first time. It is a nice place and was not to busy, considering how close to Boise it is. The river was low and very wadable. The irrigation season has not started yet. Apparently a boat is needed to fish the river in the summer due to the high flows.

I talked with several fisherman over the 4 days I was there. They were friendly and helpful to this out of state fisherman. I also found the other fisherman had great river etiquette as well.

Most of the folks fished nymph rigs and there were a few dry fly fisherman. I chose to swing a black wooly bugger. I later added a small hares ear to the bugger.

I had some success on the bugger. The hares ear did much better. There are some nice rainbows in the river. There are also a lot of whitefish as well.

There is an abundance of wildlife in the area. I saw deer, eagles, plenty of Canadian geese, chukar, rock chucks, and wild turkeys. Managed to get a gobbler to gobble as he walked away from the road. Unfortunately I left my camera in the "mobile home" (RV) on the first day. I missed many photo opportunities, including some nice rainbows. I will definitely be headed back to this river again.

I also learned this river is part of the Rocky Mountain Fly Hwy. I have been told there is a movie about the Hwy. I have a feeling it is going to be a busy summer for this leisureist. View attachment 166744 View attachment 166744


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Bruce Baker

Active Member
Nice post. Gorgeous photo of the rainbow.

Yes, there is a brief film about it. I saw it and saved it to my DVR. I believe Tom Skerrit narrates it.

Bob Balder

Willing to learn anything...
Nice post..
I have spent a number of days on the South Fork, it is a beautiful place, spectacular Salmon Fly hatch. The river, over the years hhas fallen on some hard times, drought, fires etc. I understand it is on the way back and coming on strong.. When last I fished it, we were fishing big bugs, dry, underneath the over hanging branches. We gave that up after a bit, those super agressive Rainbows were getting hung up in the branches...Tuna!, Tuna!, Tuna! it was completely crazy.


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