Bass fishing timing for Skagit Co

Looking forward to targeting bass in four lakes near Anacortes. Beaver Lake, nearby Mud Lake and also Campbell Lake and Trafton Lake (private). In Southern CA right now is the time that the females are eating like a fat lady at a buffet (before taking turns with the smaller males guarding the nest) So my questions are... typically when does this behavior start to happen in Skagit county? And, does water temperature or calendar date (or both) dictate this? I figure it won't be long before Bass reports start appearing on this thread but I know that the window for pre spawn Bassin can be a short one.


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I generally see spawning LM from mid to late May.
Of course a lot depends of air temps, lake depth etc and it varies every year.
I start seeing cruisers which I’d consider in pre spawn mode starting as early as mid April, with a lot of activity towards the end of the month.
Thanks for the response Stonefish. I've caught a lot of big bass "sight fishing" on nests but, personally, the pre spawn bite is what I prefer. I guess I will mail in my taxes the night before I hit Beaver Lake as I will surely need some outdoor recreation to sooth the pain.

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