Dry Falls question(s)

Vladimir Steblina

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Water temperature was 49.9 F today. So Dry Falls is probably a degree or two colder.

I will probably be fishing it Tuesday.....if the dealer can fit my truck in for the oil change!
Fished it yesterday. Surface temp 50 give or take a little. Lots of trucks parked, but not crowded on the water. It was "eating your lunch" for many. Some bottom slop coming to the surface. Such a beautiful place. That is all I'll say.


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I haven't been to Dry Falls in decades. When I fished it, we had only one chironomid pattern, the TDC, which doesn't look nearly as much like a real chironomid as the patterns I now tie. But it was pretty productive there, nonetheless. Except for the condor quill; that was the killer fly, and it was likely taken as a chironomid, now that I think back on it.

Ron Olsen

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Fished Dry Falls last Friday. Clear, light wind, 88 degrees when we left. Short day, but 4 to hand, also missed one. Three at 15", one 19". Down 17' in 20' water. A bit of turn over in the launch bay, but water really clear. A few others did about the same, some never got a bump. You gotta hunt em. The gear trollers were doing very well, darn it, and each kept a large fish......
No boobies sighted..... ;-O

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