Problem with Tapatalk?

Is anybody else experiencing problems with Tapatalk? I'm getting the "Tapatalk is not supported on this forum" notice.

I've already tried logging out and in, deleting and reconnecting to the forum, etc, nada.

Thanks for the help.



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Thanks Chris, are there alternative android apps that do work, or do we just need to be patient?

Garbage Dog

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You guys answer all my questions WAAAAY before I get the chance to ask them... Shame on you! Lol

Just keeping an eye here for any updates.



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TT was uninstalled. A few add-on's are being removed in prep for a forum upgrade. I'll re-add it after the upgrade. No ETA.
On going maintenance of the sure is not glamorous, but we do appreciate it. Thanks Chris!

Really looking forward to the return of Tapatalk. It is loved.
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Chris Scoones

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The question isn't when, it's if. After a bit of review of late, I'm leaning hard towards not a chance. A full review would need to put my concerns at ease and I'm afraid it's just going to confirm things for me.

My issues are based on the data and stats they are pulling above an beyond what's needed to support that function. IMO it exceeds functional requirements, targeting the data for mining and other usage I'm not okay with. Stats including all clicks by all members, entry and exit info, discussions open and private, etc. Those things don't come with an opt-out function, by the way.

The mobile function provided by TT has been acquired with Xenforo ver 2.0, save for mobile push. It's likely that function will come version 2.1 which is in the works.

No review ETA, given I can't estimate the duration it'll take me to complete the current work, or the release of version 2.1.
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