Kayak seat as flip seat alternative?

I'm in the process of outfitting an older PAC1400 (before the more modular nrs frame). I've done a lot of research on putting in flip seats and I'm seeing that having a non low pro/non adjustable frame is going to make the process of putting in a traditional flip seat very expensive and custom.

Reading some hunters boards they recommended just using a kayak seat on top of your cooler or dry box looped onto the rear and front cross bar. Has anyone done this? Any issues?

Any other ideas to get a stable rowing seat on a cooler or dry box if the out of the box flip seat brackets aren't an option?

Ed Call

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I used an adhesive kayak seat pad on my cooler for a while. I liked it. I eventually upgraded, but still have an adhesive kayak seat pad stuck to the tractor seat style chair for my fly tying setup.


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My dry box has channels spot welded to the lid that the metal bracket under the tractor seat slide into. Easy on and off when wanted and makes a great camp chair on overnighters when the dry box gets hauled up to camp. I personally don't like to sit too high and this option keeps the seat much lower than the flip brackets. I can sent you a photo or two when I get home this weekend.


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I don't use a "seat" on my 14' rowing raft rigs. I either sit on a dry box or wood bench with 1.5" foam on top. Rope seat with no back on the drift boat. I don't like having a seat back when rowing.


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After major back surgery that short back tractor seat is a game changer for me. Great support for long days. I don't care for the high back ones as they limit rotation and are annoying as hell though.

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