The Hero Shot, Now Featured in the NY Times


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Anyone notice that the picture of the permit was shot by "Patrick Duke"? I really hope it isn't the same Patrick Duke, aka out-of-state illegal angler un-hero cover shot douchebag guide.


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Disgusting. Further proof that most Americans ask only one question of themselves before acting on a decision: Will I get paid?

As if there weren't enough ways to exploit fish for profit already....


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Seems to be the new trend. Get a pretty girl to hold a fish. Instant fame? What are times coming to? Are fishing paparazzi next, chasing you down the river to get the “money shot”? Hanging out at the reds? Oh, the humanity ☹️


Well, I must say that is the last straw. I encourage all of you folks to do the right thing and give up the sport of fly angling... in fact, it is your duty to convince others to give up any manner of angling. This may cause the number of folks at fisheries I frequent to drop but I guess if I need to put up with fewer folks on the water... I can do so.... I guess....

I like IG. Lots of cool stuff on there.

What I absolutely can't stand is the never ending stream of beautiful women in bikinis posing with fish.

I'm sure some of them fish, and are quite skilled, but most seem awfully staged. Especially hate the ones where they are posing with a fillet knife as if they are actually cutting fish in their string bikini. GTFO with that nonsense.

My silly little protest is that I refuse to click like on a single bikini girl fishing picture. Stupid I know, but that shit just irks me
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