How to extend the life of PVC fly line?

Tim Ihle

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Question: how does one extend the life of a PVC fly line for years of good casting? Is it possible to make them last as long as the PU product?


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Keeping lines clean will definitely help, besides that they sure do cast nice when clean. I think many of us, me included, would enjoy casting much more if we cleaned our lines after every outing. The benefit of cleaning doesn't seem to last long for me though, maybe I fish dirty water?

Tim Ihle

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It appears as though I have stumbled upon the answer. PVC lines (all but the AirFlo product which is PU) contain plasticizers to keep them subtle and crack free. Over time and with use in the sun (in the sun...go figure!) PVC will leech plasticizers causing them to stiffen, crack and essentially "turn to custard"--Sadly, I have some of my favorite spey lines that have done just this as well as some of my trout lines. These lines need to be re-plasticized with a line cleaners that does more than just get the crud and dirt off but also infuses plasticizers back into the fly line. From what I can tell most all line cleaners do not use plasticizers (according to their labels).....all but one that is. INTERESTING!

PS- I called a local fly shop about this today.....they were clueless (or at least pretended to be after "having sold lines for 17 years").
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Bob Triggs

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Rinse well after use, hang in long open loops to dry, store in loose coils in a sealed plastic bag, away from heat or sunlight.
No one wants to do this.


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One thing I've tried for fly line longevity that I know doesn't work well is 100% DEET insect repellent.

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