Klone Lakes last stocked 2004?


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Hello, I am new to fly fishing and am looking for good lakes and rivers in the Grays Harbor County area. Klone Lakes caught my attention due to its more exclusive and private landscape that comes with it, however, I am curious about the amount of trout in the lakes.

From what I found, it was last stocked in 2004 (WDFW). Will there still be a strong population of trout 14 years after it has been stocked? I am still learning a lot would appreciate a good run-down on how stocking works. Thanks.


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I think a private person from something like the Trailblazers or High Lakers stocked Klone Lakes for WDFW by backpacking the trout in as fingerlings. Maybe no one has volunteered to stock them since then? I fished Klone a couple times in the 1990s for cutthroat trout, the biggest about 14". I don't think there is much, if any, natural reproduction there. There is a very tiny creek with a little bit of accessible gravel flowing into the largest of the lakes.

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Welcome to the forum, critter_s. I'm out here on the coast, between Westport and Grayland. There's a pond full of stunted LM Bass just down the road from my place, but the woman who owns the property won't let anyone fish there. Lucky thing...its right by the roadside, and "no fishing" there means that I can't embarrass myself by trying to fly fish for such dinks! :D
I haven't fished the Klone lakes. I think that if I hiked in there, I'd want to have either a float tube or a packable raft. The mainline forest service roads accessing that area open up on May 1st.
If you like to fly fish lakes, there's a couple in the greater area that aren't bad at times.


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Lakes: Sylvia, Nahwatzel, Lost, Vance Creek Ponds (next to the highway in Elma). There are others, but those provide the best fishing opportunities, for my money. None are great for solitude, but they all fish well this time of year. The Vance Creek Ponds are not much of a wilderness experience, but for a couple weeks after the opener, a woolly bugger (any big streamer, really) will get you into some monster stockers most days.

Rivers: I don't have any big secrets, largely because I gave them all away in years past. Not doing that anymore, but I can tell you that most of the larger creeks and smaller rivers in the area have cutthroat (and lots of salmon smolts, so fish big flies). You will find more solitude fishing these places.

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