The eagle has landed...


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The previous post on GoPros reminded me of this shot...

Merrill, (and I'm sure a handful of other lakes on the west side) has a resident pair of eagles and a few osprey. They perch in the top of the trees and watch everything that moves.... and if you hook a fish they know it! Then they will fly over and try to steal it from you... or at least make low passes.
I saw this guy coming, pulled the rainbow close to me, and grabbed my iPhone ... thinking I could get a good picture of a fly by! Instead of a low pass... he practically land in my lap, grabbed the fish, threw water in my face, and scared the bejesus out of me! I did get a parting shot though... just before he spooled me. (I got the line and fly back)

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Had the same thing happen to me. Got lucky and the fish got away, but unnerved me nonetheless. I guess they're teaching the young the same dirty tricks. Glad you got out unscathed.

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I guess in Canada you have to deal with the Loons and here the Eagles. I have had a similar encounter with an eagle at Merrill Lake, although not That close. Good to see you survived.


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I could have sworn I saw the same picture several years ago on the NW Trout site, now gone.
Don't think I ever put it up on NW Trout.... maybe WestFly. I don't mind giving a fish to the eagles because they have young to feed, and haven't heard of anyone getting hurt by them. Just startling when you don't see em coming. If you really want to land the fish.. I stick the rod straight down in the water... usually works.

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That eagle at Pass came from behind me, very low, I heard him coming. I knew the target and simply free spooled so the fish could go deeper, hoping for an escape. Didn’t get that fish.

On another note, there are falcons that nest at DF. I heard the falcon in a dive, after a duck, before I ever saw it. It is really quite a sound.

Love to see such a variety of birds in my travels, moose and bears too - from a distance for both.

Gotta love it.



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Here's one you might like... We use to fish a lot on the Newhalen River in Iliamna, AK, for red salmon as they came in from the lake. (when I was a flight instructor, it was a required X-country flight in July) At the right time, they'd be literally thousands of fish in front of you, and a few bears behind. More than once a bear would come out below us, grab your fish..and take off running to the shore. Kind of an LDR!

There’s a couple east side lakes that we always see eagles at I’ll never had one try to steal a fish but I have seen them wait for the osprey to make a catch and chase them until they give it up.


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This last week on an eastside lake I heard a chuffing sound, turned around to see a pair of otters heading toward me about 150 feet away. I headed across the lake, they kept watching me and I kept an eye on them! They obliged by getting out of the water after I was across the lake. Between them and the pelicans that lake has a fair amount of critters eating the fish!

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