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These Products are all brought to us on our trade in program here at the shop. You can call us with questions or to purchase an item at Puget Sound Fly Co. (253) 472-2420
mon-fri 10am-6pm
sat. 10am-5pm
sun. 11am-4pm
Product condition price
-sage Xi3 990-4 8.5/10 $300.00
-sage Xi3 1090-4 8/10 $300.00

-ovris power matrix 990-2 8/10 $300.00
with reel & 2 spools non original tube
-G.Loomis GLX greased line 10150-4 NIB $550.00
-G.Loomis GLX Max distance 6100-2 9/10 $325.00
was only available to European market very rare.
No Tube or sock
-Redington Dually 6126-4 9.75/10 $200.00
Used for one weekend tri
-Lamson GURU HD 4 9.75/10 $250.00
Used for one weekend trip
Reel pouch


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