WTB Trout spey

Thanks for the reply,
I fish some big rivers and then a few medium sized rivers. Never spey fished before but love swinging for trout. Just want something that can throw streamers a good distance for good trout. I was leaning towards the 3 wt echo tr2 or redington hydrogen but am worried they won't throw bigger streamers....maybe the 4 wt is more for me. Those two rods have pretty good price points.....

Contact Craig at Red’s. He is the old timer they keep in the basement...you could also PM him @ Docstash here on the forum. Depending on the line you use with it you will be surprised at what the 3 wt. hydrogen will do. I test drove both the 3 and the 4 at Reds Rendezvous-vous and was really impressed with 3 wt. The 2 wt. even had much more punch than I thought it would. In fact George Cook talked me into trying it because I was certain it would be too light. If you can, try before you buy its the only way you will know for sure.