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I have some lines that have been on the shelf for a while and are getting zero use. Some lines are brand new and some have been used very sparingly. The lines used sparingly were used one day on the river practicing casting.

All prices are shipped and PayPal fees covered by me.

Scientific Angler Mastery MPX Buckskin/Green 8wt SOLD
Scientific Angler Mastery MPX Amber/Willow 4wt SOLD
Scientific Angler Mastery Wet Tip Sinking 6wt $30 SOLD
Airflo Skagit Switch 480gr. SOLD

Arc99 WF-8-F 8wt used once $30
Rio Gold 6wt SOLD
Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head 400gr. $25
Rio Shooting Line .024in cold water $22
Rio Outbound Short 6wt used good condition SOLD
Skagit Compact 660 SOLD
Bone Fish Taper 7wt good used condition SOLD


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