FS Unique Winston IM6 3 Weight, 8'6", 3 Piece, Graphite Fly Rod

Sold - Thank You, Bob

A unique Winston IM6, 3 weight, 8’6”, 3 piece, Graphite Fly Rod, Serial #37,339. Winston built this rod Rod for me on April 27, 1995, with a hand-picked blank, and a special grip and reel seat (photos).

This Rod is unique because at the time it was built, 1995, Annette at Winston was very gracious and hand-selected the Blank based on my request for a “Positive yet delicate Rod” action. And Annette selected a magical blank. Annette also had the Rod built to my personal specifications: Reversed Half-Wells 13 Cork Grip (6 1/2”); Hooded (with cork) Up-Locking Nickel Siver Reel Seat with Maple Wood Insert; and, No Hookkeeper. Winston wasn’t utilizing these specifications for this Rod model in 1995.

This Rod is in excellent condition (photos), has been fished for several days over the years, and has the original Winston sock and tube (photos).

Price: $425 or best offer.

Thank you for your interest.

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