Trip Report Skagit River outing

I continue to dream about catching my first Steelhead so the lure of the Skagit was too much to ignore on Friday afternoon. River levels had been dropping & the day was mild...Perfect!


Jumped in the car and drove an hour and a half to Marblemount, geared up and slogged 15 min through the undergrowth, crossing an inviting little flow on the way.

River was nice & clear and had dropped a foot or so since the previous Sunday’s skunking. With a little sunlight showing I tied on something orange & began my best attempt at swinging a fly. After a couple of hours I obviously hadn’t been convincing enough to anything below the waterline so decided it was time to move on.


Drove 20 min down the river and wandered in to a different run. The sky had become overcast so I tied on something darker. The river was wide & shallow where I was so I didn’t get a great feeling but needed the casting practice anyway. I have trouble going out too far if the rocks are slippery as I have rubber soled waders; better suited for when I return to the beaches and estuaries in Aus in a couple of months.
An hour or so later after trying a few runs & enjoying the spectacular scenery it was time to try one more spot before dark.

Drove a little further and set up again...another wide section of intimidating water. A log jam split the river and I decided to try the smaller tributary on the roadward side, casting into the far eddies and letting my fly swing across. It was 0745pm with the light starting to fade when I felt a tug!! I should clarify that this was my 6th outing without success and my first hook-up on a swung fly so saying I was excited would be an understatement.

One small run and I was then able to bring the fish across into a smaller shallow section towards the bank getting my first view of a fine spotty bull trout. I snapped a couple of quick photos and then watched it swim away.


It may not have been a Steelhead but it still made my day.

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