First outing of the year 2018

Shawn West

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My friend and I fished the Gorge yesterday. It had been our first outing since October. When we got on the water (noon), I was disappointed to find the water at temperature to be 48 degrees. My game plan was to fish deep and slow using a bait fish pattern. I had absolutely no action at all until I started fishing the south facing portion of the lake. The first cast against the rock wall was met be an eager 15" smallmouth. It was looking like things were going to improve for the day. Two hours later, that turned out to be the only fish of the day for me. My buddy fared a little better with 2 bass for the day.

We fished the entire water column. I am not sure, but I think the bass were just not there yet. With the temperatures expecting to be in the 80's during the middle of the week, it might be what is needed to get the bass moving. I caught my bass on a tan over white Hoo fly (baitfish). My friend caught his on an Atomic Girdle bug, and a small fry pattern.

I would have preferred some more fishing action, but it was a perfect day to work out the fishing cob webs. I topped the day off by introducing my friend to Japanese cuisine. We shied away from the sushi, but everything we ordered was fantastic. Hopefully I will have some better fishing reports to write in the near future.


Sucks when you get honk you found the solution but stop catching fish right after that. In steelhead Fishing it can take me weeks to give up what I thought I found!

I won’t go into great detail but lots of little jumpy silver fish in the more shallow/slow side pools. Occasionally boats are a hindrance.


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Since both my pram and motorboat at inaccessible tomorrow, I think I will go wading and look for early season carp, smallies and trout. Last year (May 18th) I managed all three on the same fly under a bobber.