It's nearly that time...
I went to one of the 7 lakes in WA in search of these beasts and found this:

Water was a bit lower than normal and was hovering right between 50-51 all day.

I managed to get one half-assed follow, witnessed a couple of rollers, and had a pretty heavy fish climb on for about 15 seconds before it came unpinned. It's TIME!!!!
I ran East chasing trout, but it was super slow...so we took some time to check out a res for the 8 yr old that was with us. We caught a bunch of smallies and crappie. It kept making my mind wander to chasing these though. lol

That skull is crazy.
I have a 10wt rod coming Tuesday. I just got a 9wt in the mail.

Probably get more responses starting your own thread, but Pike flies are just the same as Musky flies so my vote is for the Guideline pike lines, my favorite & best I've used, very minimal bird nesting of the running line & it comes undone easy even though the guides, they have 3 ridges so line looks like a retarded triangle! You can get float, intermediate & sink 3 for your 9 & 10wt rods, but they don't have welded loops & no USA dealers, couple of dealers in Canada! Never tried one but Airflow also makes pike lines & always hear good shit about Airflow! What I was using this morning & yesterday is a Cortland Precision Big Fly WF10F & i really like it, not so great for big air catching poppers or mega streamers that look like half a chicken, but medium sized streamers it's really nice & i can get some good distance casting from a float tube!

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