Membership has its privileges. A journey up river.


Practice your craft.
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Didn't really think I'd be back in WA chasing steelhead. After my trip two years ago I was kind of over it. However, with the recent opening I really couldnt' pass this up. To start, I want to say thanks to several folks:

Jamie was kind enough to offer me a place to crash. Not only is this extremely generous but also very helpful. There ain't a hotel room to be had in the valley and I was kind of in a pinch. Man I can't thank you enough.

Salmo has offered up a seat in his sled for a couple of days and arranged our film crew. I think he wants to work on his swagger so he's letting me tag along.

@Chris Scoones for WFF. Without the site, I would've never met either and this trip would not be happening. Thanks for making this place a decent spot to hang.

OS for helping getting the river open. Great job and if I see any of you on the water, Sugar Free Red Bull on me.

Now Day 1

Looking forward to random people awkwardly holding up signs about swimmy.


It was a full day. Like most, it started with an early sesh at the gym. Don't wish for it, work for it! Dane, Sean, Zac and co. Love you guys.


Next, down to the shop to grab some last minute supplies.


Then it was off to the airport to see my friends at Alaska.


Just an absolute beautiful day for a flight


Landed then headed north right in the middle of rush hour. I don't see how y'all deal with that traffic. Brutal.

But made it to Mt Vernon for dinner at the brew pub. Never eaten here but any place with oars as door handles is my kind of spot. Good fish tacos.


Ready to get after it tomorrow.


Practice your craft.
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Weird that all these random people have the same hand writing....

Glad that is the only thing weird about this ; )


Def not flying First Class. Back with all the kiddos kicking the seats? I'm disappointed.

On steelhead trips I prefer to travel with the common folk. Keeps me grounded and it is fun to get into character. This will help over the next few days to fit in with the good folks up river.

My outfits this week are tailored to coordinate with my fly selection. Remember, Ultraviolet is 2018 color of the year.

Speaking of flies, spent a lot of time of the vice over the past week or so getting ready. Steelhead flies are fun and a nice break from trout streamers.


But enough with the bs already, I gotta roll. Meeting the film crew here in a bit.





Beach Bum
Awesome swimmy, hope you guys find a fish or two. I finally took today off to get up there, and had to cancel to stay close to home. Looking forward to the report


Practice your craft.
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Day 1 in the books.

Tough thing about making the trip over and fishing in WA is the media. The reporter and professional photographer met us at the put in soon after we arrived. We were gracious and spent some time answering questions.


The reporter asked me why I like to fish for steelhead. Umm, cause the chicks dig it. She giggled.


Salmo then set up for the shoot. Kind of thought he'd go ahead and hook one for the camera but guess he didn't want to show off.


Nice to get all of our media obligations out of the way so tomorrow we can focus on the fishing : ).


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