Membership has its privileges. A journey up river.


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Thanks bro. Doesn’t appear I’m much of a threat to the locals.


Were you in there stocking up on ciggies?

We all (well, almost all) want to see you land a chromer.


~El Pescador
super read. that was fun. more signage with the barista please - and this time don't place the sign where she ain't showing herself off!

Charles Sullivan

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I saw Salmo and Swimmy yesterday up in beautiful Skagit county. The Swimster was impressed with the locals ability to litter. He looked good, in a lovely blue shirt. His 2-handed casting is quite impressive for a Montanan with a bit of a southern accent.

My friend and I had similar luck to Swimmy and SG. Rising rivers are the toughest for steelhead IMO. It was hot and the river was coming up. Looks like the season is over for me. Time to weed whack the lawn and attend soccer games again.

Go Sox,


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I launched at Concrete and went as far up as Faber Wednesday afternoon. New section of river for me. I was surprised how nice the water looked with the warmer temperatures; the weather was very nice as well. Great views of Baker, Sauk and other surrounding mountains. No love but did hear of a plug puller landing four.

Thursday I launched at Faber and went up as far as Swift Creek. I knew this area better from bank fishing it a lot more and found a fish above and below the Sauk on the swing despite the higher water and reduced clarity. I read the local article about the fishery one night while waiting for dinner at Annie's Pizza. Looked for but didn't see Sg/Swimmy. Didn't see many people at all. In fact, there were times I went hours without seeing anybody. Very enjoyable to spend a couple days there and using the old man's boat which was basically designed and built over 30 years ago just to fish that specific area was pretty special for me. Purposely left camera/phone in hotel room although even with my rudimentary skills I could have captured a great shot of Baker. Thanks to all the guys who carried the heavy load to help re-open this fishery.


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Excellent thread and congrats BDD!! I didn't know about Swimmy, I mean holly granolly, the guy seems real? Guess I still don't know about him but I sure hope He and SG each get a fish and don't quit until the season's over.


Practice your craft.
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Another day of standing around farting in my waders and staring at empty water. I'm getting pretty good at that. Swinging one of these seems hard enough. Might as well throw in unfavorable conditions like rising waters and gusty winds to make it even harder.

I'm also getting pretty good at handling the media. Once the article hit the Herald yesterday, guess all the girls upriver found out we were in town and the paparazzi showed up. I knew this would happen.


But after our visit with @ChaseBallard and crew, I realized my flight doesn't leave until tomorrow afternoon. Whoa, it felt like someone just gifted me a couple more dollars for the slot machine. I knew my business here was not finished and raced down to grab another day license.

Guess bro here didn't share my sense of optimism.


Damn right I do. Gimme a license.

He suggested I put that fly thing down and head over to the Wal-Mart and grab some pink worms. They've been crushing it he says. Some boats have reported 50 fish over the last 10 days!

No way dude. Chicks dig fly fishermen.

Back at it tomorrow am and plan on being on the water at first light. Bottom of the ninth, no more fucking around.


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I sure enjoyed your call up to the big leagues, Swimmy. Sorry it didn't work out. Stay hungry, keep grinding, and next time youre called up, add some florescent red, pink, and peach to the arsenal and maybe you'll find some playing time..... Now get the hell back to the Madison, kid......

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