Membership has its privileges. A journey up river.

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So I got a late start this morning thinking with the high water nobody would be in my favorite spot... and there's Swimmy, I didn't recognize him at first with no film crew in tow... already half way through my favorite run at 7 o'clock and already landed a fish to boot. Took a full 3 hours to get the celebrity stink off the water and for the fish to start hitting again. Thanks Swimmy...
Membership does has its privileges, since the odds of some guy from Montana happening upon that run on this morning at this water level is pretty small.
Now go back to Montana and leave our girls and fish alone.


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Let’s party.

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Well done Swimmy, I was up there yesterday in the wind & murky water without success. You did good rustling one up out of that river. Jealousy is a curse I’m finding it hard to get over.

On a side note I saw a big flash of chrome bust the surface 3 times in under a minute, 50 yards apart each time... I assumed the fish was just laughing at me but in hindsight it was probably preemptively living it’s struggle with you the following day. In all seriousness would it be a Steelhead or are there other chrome monsters on the move?


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Isn’t that his waders?


I'm still on cloud nine this morning. Been a while since the fishing stoke was this high. Here are a few more take-aways.

- I can't thank Occupy Skagit (and any other organization) that had a hand in opening the Skagit/Sauk. Sorry I didn't get to meet more of you but know that I genuinely appreciate your efforts.

- What's up with all the garbage? Not just at some of the access points but even the homes (or shacks) and yards were filled with junk. Creeped me out and I wanted to go knock on doors and ask if I could help tidy up their place a bit.

- Why do the gear guys feel the need to tell you how many fish they've slayed? We had one dude motor over just to tell us he's brought in about 50 this season on pink works. 50? Wtf. I'm out there fighting, scratching, clawing for just 1. After about 10 do you think you might change up your tactics to make it a little more challenging? Or is the goal to get every last one of 'em before someone else.

- The reporter asked me why I enjoy fly fishing for steelhead. I told her cause the chicks dig it but I've been thinking more about that question. I think the ultimate reason is because it is hard. However if you do get lucky and find one, it makes it even that much more special. Most will never get it, including my fiancee. "You caught a fish, great. Can you take the garbage out please?" : )


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Most will never get it, including my fiancee. "You caught a fish, great. Can you take the garbage out please?" : )

Tell her taking out the garbage is a task for swing virgins.

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