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Chris Scoones

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WFF Classifieds Rules:


Updated 7/14/2018. Business usage is now allowed. Primarily it's support for the businesses we all know and love like shops, guides, boat builders, gear or accessory manufacturers, fly tiers, low volume hobby business stuff, etc. If you're curious about something before using it for your business, toss me a note.

The WFF classifieds is a service intended for its forum members. Business usage of the classifieds assumes a respectful approach and minimal issues.
  • No cost.
  • Your items should be relevant, include a price (it's not an auction), include detail photos as needed but especially for used items covering condition, your ad in its entirety with photos should be included here (no links back to your site for more info)
  • If a business, your signature should simply identify your business by linked title and a description and contact info if you wish. (ads are not marketing banners here)
  • Please, everyone, communicate well and get tracking ID's.
  • Follow the approach requested by everyone, outlined below.

Titles Prefixes:
  • FS: For Sale
  • T: Want to trade
  • FS/T: For sale or trade
  • WTB: Want to buy
  • No ALL CAPS. It's not necessary and bad form.
  • Sellers should be prepared to include photos with their ad. No, your excuse that you would prefer to just email them doesn't cut it. Attach photos to used gear price variable based on condition, or you may be called out.
  • It's not an auction so if you're selling, add your price.
  • Do your best to communicate well. It's expected and appreciated. And get those tracking ID's!
  • It's your choice to use PayPal friends and family to save a few bucks buying from people you don't know. Do so knowing if things go sideways, that's your mistake.
  • If you have multiple items, list them by item on a single ad. Update the original post ad as items are sold. We don't want to see your 10 separate single item ads taking up too much space on the list, and it's easier for you to manage that one.
  • If the item has sold, post a note stating as much. If you don't close or delete your ad it gets automatically locked after 30 days non-activity.
Closing your classified ad: I've enabled the option for all members to be able to delete their listing within the classifieds forum area. To do so, enter your thread, click the drop-down "Thread Tools" and then select Delete. IN ADDITION... After 30 days without activity, threads (ads) within the classifieds are automatically locked. This is done to stop people from replying to 4-year-old ads.

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Jerry Daschofsky

Will Fish for Cinnamon Rolls and Coffee.
I can, and am, still taking all sorts of fishing, tying, and camping/outdoor gear donations for military/veterans. Just contact me via conversation (PM) about transfer of donations and receipt.
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