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No offense @Rob Ast, just using you as an example. I've approached others before on it, and like I told them it's not a sore spot at all, just trying to get folks to use best practices more effectively in the classifieds. Like not using ALL CAPS for titles.

Consolidate your ads guys. If you've got a couple, yeah okay but after that, if you have a bunch of single item ads it gets assuming on the main list. Consolidate your items onto a single ad, where you edit the first post to give status updates (sold, price update, etc). It's easier for you to manage a single ad, and the community list isn't stepped on by shotgunning singles like that.

Thank you Mr Ast for being my example for today.

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I'm more likely to click on an ad with a bunch of stuff as you never know what it's in it. Sort of like a grab bag. Whereas if it's a single item, i'm more likely to not click on it since i know what it is and I don't need most of the stuff sold here... or so my wife tells me. haha

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Would it be possible to filter classified ads out of the new post page? Pretty easy to check the classifieds in one click and would keep the new post page much cleaner.

Not that you don’t have enough going on with the new board and all. :rolleyes:


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No worries. I just find that I am more likely to open an ad if I know what is being sold rather than a generic “bunch of stuff”.
Yea loading those massive ads is a pain. I just avoid them. Takes too long to load 30 pics of shit I don't care about.


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I think another improvement could be around thread titles. Bad titles (IMO) include "spring cleaning", "several items for sale", "rod and reel", etc... It isn't that difficult to be specific even when there is a laundry list of items for sale within a thread, and is more courteous to the general population of people who are reading the ads to be able to hone in on things that are of interest.

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