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The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Also here from jasmillo:

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Yesterday at 5:21 PM

I like the new look. Thanks to @Chris Scoones for keeping this forum relevant and moving forward from a technology perspective.

For those having trouble uploading photos, use the little picture icon in the menu above where you enter your message. Do not use the “attach file” option below the message. That worked for me. Very simple process.

Chris Scoones

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I found some permissions issues that could have been holding back some but not all file attachment methods. I haven't confirmed that to resolve your issue, but it just did resolve my other import issue. Can one of you describing the problem confirm it resolved or not? Thanks.
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663E8DD2-21A0-492D-BA9D-82E8998B54CC.jpeg A43B0C08-DB1A-4A8A-97E9-98054A9E7A13.jpeg 79D3CFEA-C313-4DE4-A382-D2106AF4B66D.jpeg

Used the icon above, then clicked within the box to select the images, they loaded up faster than the previous version.

Saw this on TV last night, had to capture the moment.
I just tried to post a picture going through the attach files way & still get the line through it! But i'm very happy with all the work you're doing Chris! Thank you!
Is anybody else having trouble posting photos with the New Format? The pictures will not completelyload for me. It should be simple but it ain’t happening.

Thanks in advance.
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