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I have had this Regal Vise ever since I bought it (what was it?) 20 years or so ago. It’s been sitting on my desk and not used for perhaps the past 15 years, so it’s time to move it along to someone who will use it.

I don’t know if Regal called this a Medallion model when I bought it, but it looks very close to today’s Medallion model. Overall, this Vise is in excellent condition. There are no marks, glue stains, etc. at all on the head or base, and the only marks that are visible (which you can see on the enclosed picture) are a few “age” spots on the brass base (and, we all get those age spots, don’t we?) and some patina on the brass handle, and brass knobs, and sides of the base.

I would like $150.00 for this Vise, plus $15.00 for shipping and PayPal. (US shipments only, outside the US at actual cost.)

In addition, I have 2 more Regal vises for sale. One is an early Regal pedestal model, slightly smaller than the Medallion model. It is in very good condition, except it has a small chips on one front jaw edge (which Regal can repair, if a person wanted this done, but this does not adversely effect the usage of the vise as it is now). The other vise is a Regal Inex c-clamp table mounted vise, with midge jaws, in nearly new condition. I would like $75.00 for either one of these vises, shipping and PayPal included, if within the US. (Outside the US at actual cost.). Let me know if you are nterested in either of these vises, and I can send you pictures of them.

PM me here if you wish to buy any or all (!) of these vises, or have any questions.

Thanks, John

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