Trip Report What's Not To Lek? 2018 (not FF)


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Close out of the sage grouse project has left an empty spot in the spring schedule. Got the call to tag along on a trip to check out some sharptail leks for a potential upcoming study. Had just enough time to do a couple loads of laundry, get some groceries, gas up the truck, reload the trailer and head back across the divide. Driving the Deuce

Flathead still looking good but warmer weather ahead will change that

Glacier's Southern exposure

Bob's Eastern flank


Base camp established

Campground crapper; this could be a problem. I donate a few rolls to the cause

Poking around a bit until the rest of the crew arrives

An ex-coot

The gang shows up; one of the few times Rock's motor isn't redlining


The consequences of open (jerky) carry; I give birth to a fully formed shorthair

Nice evening

Next morning it's out to scout for sharpies on some Block Management ground

Only 2 birds sighted, neither on a lek; they're around but this isn't a meeting place

Plenty of curlews

Afternoons are time to explore the countryside
Taking advantage of a plentiful resource

Ferruginous nest

One pissed off parent

Duck central; ended up counting 11 varieties, plus various and sundry grebe, merganser, etc. Hard to get any close ups; all the spent shotgun shells may provide a clue

House band

Backup singers

Next morning, on to another site. Pay dirt; a prairie pick-up bar. Birds are vocal and active; 23 total, including 3 hens. Apologies for pic quality; terrain and land ownership preclude any more favorable camera angles, they're in that stubble just beyond the puddle

A curious curlew seems more interested in the dance moves than the hen standing to the right

Last night out

Closing up camp the next morning. Mushroom season; proximity to ICBM sites always increases pucker factor but it's just the last few days of open burn.

Good grub


Open spaces

Heading back to the trees; cue the Immigrant Song

The last few warm days have added a good bit of color; 5 rafts were putting in at Moccasin Creek for an adrenaline rush

Dropping in to Stumptown; I already miss the snipe winnowing

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