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There is a strong chance that I may be relocating myself to Anchorage, AK in Julyish. I was wondering if anyone had some info on the area. Not just for fishing but also living.

What are the fun/popular/interesting/horrible areas of Anchorage. Where should I live? I am probably gonna get an apartment at first.

I seriously have zero info on the city itself other than what I can find on the web, which is not much.

If it helps the discussion, I am 27 y.o. and a veterinarian. Thanks!!



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I am moving from Anchorage to the Methow Valley this summer and would be happy to help you with all of your questions. I have lived in Alaska 27 years the past 10 years in Anchorage. I am a pilot/guide/educator and can help you get started. Just send me your contact information.
I lived there for fourteen years. Great fishing opportunities abound. Avoid living in the Neighborhoods of Fairview, Mountainview, Muldoon, and Spenard. The previous two are major roads through the city. The latter-most of which is the prostitute central for the city.
Popular things to do include the downtown market on Weekends, fishing, climb mountains, driving other places.... Not actually a lot to do besides outdoorsy things. I loved Anchorage though. Very nice city. Dozens of beautiful fishing locations all throughout the city. Mostly lakes. But there's also Ship and Campbell creek. The former has strong salmon runs. The latter has nice sizes Dolly Varden and rainbows. In Anchorage, you're basically within a few hours drive of some of the best fishing in the world. Kenai River, Russian River, Matanuska-Susitna Valley rivers and streams. Way too many to count, much less list here. There's a few books around. One of the most helpful is called, "Roadside Angler" by Gunnar Pedersen. Also check out any book written by Anthony J. Route. He has a series of Alaska Flyfishing books out that are some of the best flyfishing literature around. The author passed away a few years back. He was supposedly in the middle of another book, not sure if it was published post-humously. Sorry for the long post.


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Alaska is the b est place in the world. I'd suggest living in Eagle River if you don't mind ra half hour commute to Anchorage, its mellow out here. Try to not live in a giant shadow, a mountain directly south of you means no sun for 3 months also try to get southern exposure it makes winters a bit better, and try to get out side a lot in the winter that helps too. As far as things to do, there are about 100 KM of xc ski trails that are free and run right through the city, and they double as bike trails in the summer. There are about a million mountians around the city most of wich have easy access one of wich has a couple chair lifts on it and is a really nice place to ski. THe other ski area is a 30 minute drive south of the city wich is also very fun.
come on, spenard is the place. lived there for years. yeah the airport end is seedy and full of hookers, but the mid town part is seedy and full of hookers. seriously, the area around chillkoots and REI is not so bad, lots of night life. my advice is to rent for a year and look around, don't buy anything at first. you will need to drive to the fishing from anchorage. its a couple to three hours south and a little less north. make sure you check out chillkoots, the fly by night club (mr whitekeys), and catch hobo jim in concert as soon as you can, he's great. kobuk coffee downtown is primo for the caffeine, and mike is my best friend. fudo chineese is the best i've ever eaten, on tudor rd. very good resturants one of a kind things all over anchorage. worth getting to know. i'm about to talk myself into moving back! and the fishing possibilites are endless! oh yeah, that jalepeno cheese dip from echo lake lockers in soldotna (best in the world) i'll be back up in august to help by friend finish up a cabin. :D
Not everything off of Muldoon is bad. That's a few miles of road. I had friends that lived off Muldoon & had a real nice house. Their back yard butted up against Ft Richardson land by the Chugach Mtns, so there was no neighbors behind them. I'm talking about that little neighborhood just past the theater on the Chugach side of the road. It's a decent pocket w/ some nice homes. Living in town in Anchorage is a weird deal. You'll find a block of decent homes with a run-down trailer park next to it & stuff like that. Hey but I love the place. You've just gotta shop around. I'd advise seeing the neighborhood in person before putting money down, unless you have a friend that you trust real well to check it out.
Like Powder Monkey said, Eagle River is nice -just know where the shadows are throughout the day & year. The hillside neighborhood in Anchorage is nice too if you can afford it. Good luck. I'll be going back sometime to live there again....just gotta figure out when.
Granted, there are some ok places along Spenard. I don't know, just wasn't my part of town.

That end of Muldoon is very nice. I lived behind Carrs, and even though it was considered a good neighborhood, it had a high(er) crime rate. My sister's car was broken into three times in one year.

As someone just said, Fudu is a great place to eat.

Mountain View Sports is a good place to check into for Fishing info, they're off of the Old Seward Highway near Northern Lights. they'll also set you up with info on Alaska Flyfishers. My old buddy Bob Fairchild is the current President of that organization, he's a great person to get to know, and knows all kinds of nooks and crannies that hold fish along the highway system.
you can tell we miss it, can't you? Only in the winter do I remember why I moved. That and when I'm kissing my own ass instead of my boss'. Watching the northern lights here a couple months ago made me kinda homesick. Apparently zoning is not in the alaskan vocabulary. i remember pete samarillo's mansion (very rich guy) was neighbors to an old rundown cabin and a couple more houses down was a trailer. Huge rental market in anchorage since the population is more transient. Covered parking is worth a few bucks a month extra rent, as is gas heat. Don't feed the bears, don't pet the moose. Oh and don't buy those moose nugget necklaces. Moose nuggets are different than gold nuggets, no matter what they say. :p


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Spent a lot of time there and would say locate near to your work. It takes forever to get anywhere in that town, the roads seem really poorly designed and as mentioned the sprawl is out of control.


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Spent a couple of years in Muldoon back in the mid 70's. Used to go for hikes and motorcycle runs out in the tank range. Probably won't let you do that any more.

Week end runs down to the Kenai, and up to Paxon River for awsome Grayling.

Fun times, but don't miss fixing the rig at 30 below.
Tony Mull said:
very good resturants one of a kind things all over anchorage. worth getting to know. :D
....mmmmm...Arctic Roadrunner..mmmm....Peggy's....Moose's Tooth....I'm getting hungry.

Is Fudu one of the Mongolian grill joints? I'm trying to place it.
no its chineese. on tudor in that flat stretch between lake otis pkwy and boniface. haven't forgotten those burgers at the roadrunner. got to hit gwinnie's too. la mex. thai quisiene. no wonder i'm so fat.
I don't remember it being a Mongolion. I'm pretty sure it was just Chinese. It is just off Tudor Rd near midtown.

Also, you should hit Southside Bistro off of Huffman. I once saw John O'Hurley dining there.... J. Peterman from Seinfeld. Apparently he has a home in the Anchorage area.
Well, it is 99% official. I am moving to Anchorage in mid-late July. :D I am excited. I have the job (almost), but still need to find an apt. Then I need to do some fishing! I think I may need to do a guided trip up there in late July or August. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all the info on this thread and my other about fishing near anchorage. Any more info?


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