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So what do we do with Felix Hernandez?

Let me just say that my loyalty to The King is absolute. He earned that with the absolute loyalty he's given the Mariners - loyalty he's given me - since he was 19 years old.

For a while he was the best pitcher in baseball. He threw a perfect game here once. He won a Cy Young here.

His changeup - his Cambio - was unhittable. He actually had two. Cambio #1 dove straight down into the dirt. He like it if you to chased it, but mainly he used it to set up Cambio #2. Cambio #2 had a sharp, quick break that only dove to the bottom of the strike zone and made you look stupid, muttering to yourself walking back to the dugout.

The Cambio mutter. Best pitch in baseball. Best pitcher in baseball.

But The King pitched for some bad teams. Ohhhhhhh they were shitty. Hand him 2-1 losses. 1-0 losses. He's never won 20 games. He's never pitched in a playoff game.

The King never complained. Always held his head high. Went out every fifth day with purpose. He talked Robinson Cano into coming to Seattle. Talked Nelson Cruz into coming to Seattle. If Seattle has The King, Seattle has a chance.

This year's Mariners are good enough to make a run at the playoffs. Figure out a way to do that with The King along for the ride. If we don't make the playoffs because of The King, too bad.

Maybe be a little flexible with his role. Maybe take him out of the rotation or put him on a short leash. But The King is on the team.

He's The King, baby.
I think I am gonna cry.
Just watched (again) a replay of the Haniger/Segura defensive gem from last night. They are saying that throw went 243 feet on the fly and then the play Segura made was magic. Pick your poison when you play the M's. Who is gonna do it tonight? Man it is fun right now watching the way these guys are playing baseball.

Charles Sullivan

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Holy cow. That was a blind throw and a blind tag. Winning has become instinctual for this team. Reptilian winning.

They got that look in their eye. They take the field expecting to win. Been a long time since we've seen that at the Safe.
The summer is a lot more fun when your baseball team is good. Im happy for you that your team is good. Im just hoping Felix starts pitching better. He deserves a post season shot. It would be nice if he was sitting at 94 with the fastball at that time.

Go sox,

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
The upcoming Boston series will be fun. I’m hoping for a split.
Mookie's back! Homered today.

Sox never play well in Safeco. I've gone to a whole lotta games there. At least this series is not at the end of a West Coast road trip with a guaranteed getaway day loss for the old towne team.

Sale was great today. You guys will miss him which is good for you. Sox have to face Paxton which is bad for them. I'm hoping Benintendi goes off. He has been on a tear.

Usually the Red Sox fans show up and dominate the Mariners fans. It will be interesting how it goes this year with the Mariners being as good as they are. I'm not going to any of the games. My kid has a soccer tourney.

Go Red Sox,

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