Lake Tapps

Hit Lake Tapps today (4/29). Spent most of the morning launching huge flies thinking about tiger musky. After a few hours without a hookup I scaled down a bit in search of smallmouth. Picked up a couple nice smallies in the 2-3 pound range from a stumpy zone and a dock nearby.

As we worked the rest of that cove I hooked something huge that ran straight to the bottom and gave very strong headshakes. After a bit of wrestling I got it up next to the boat and saw the side of a huge tiger musky. The fish took another run down and broke free, easily chewing through the 8lbs maxima I put on for the smallies. I’m guessing the fish was over 40 inches and probably closer to 50. Very big and round too. The encounter left my knees shaking in a way only steelhead have done before. Such a massive beast. Hooked up to another musky trolling out of that cove But it spit the hook while flopping and fighting. Looked and felt smaller, maybe only 3 feet long.

Ended the day having landed a few nice smallmouth and hooking but losing my first two musky. I will definitely be back to try for them again soon. And as a bonus the toll booth was closed so no launch fee was charged!

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