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For Sale:
Headhunter 2 Skiff Driftboat from Clackacraft

Upgraded oars
Chain Anchor with rope and bucket
Clackacraft boat cover
Galvanized trailer --current tabs
Floor mats

I bought this in 2014 new from Clackacraft after it was in Red's showroom for a while.
Its incredibly clean and well kept.
We moved away from the eastside of WA 3 years ago and I cant justify keeping it anymore.

$6500 Cash
Last time they had one on the Clackacraft website it was $7395!

PM if interested

Im near Puyallup

Photos here:


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Is that a custom build? I've never seen one with the pedestal seats and the rear casting brace with the metal legs.
You can basically get any interior layout you want from clack, most of it is just marketing. "Edddy 360" just means it is an eddy hull with a walk-around interior. You can get the '360' interior in any of their boats, but they don't market a "weight forward 360".

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