Cedar River 2018


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They seem to shake My hooks all the time.
This is has been happening to me more than usual, but I have managed to land some decent fish thus far.

The little guy in the picture above though....he just wouldn't let go. He cleared the water 3 or 4 times but couldn't spit the hook. I tried to get him to LDR, put some slack in the line, but he was still there. In a couple more years I expect him to be the boss of my favorite little run out there.
Would floating pontoons from landsburg to the mouth be a bit sketchy? Probably a few impassable log jams I haven't seen yet. Or any recommendations for a safe put in to float down to the mouth?
So, I was just checking the new regulations for the Cedar River. Did these change?

It seems like the season opens earlier now, Saturday before Memorial Day instead of the first week of June. Also it looks like you can keep trout, except CUTTHROAT and wild RAINBOW TROUT. So are they stocking the Cedar now? This just seems to make the rules even more confusing.

Cedar River - King Co. from mouth to Landsburg Rd. Bridge (RM 21.5)
ALL SPECIES Night closure. Internal combustion motors prohibited. Selective gear rules.
TROUT Sat. before Memorial Day-Aug. 31 Statewide min. size/daily limit, except release CUTTHROAT TROUT and wild RAINBOW TROUT.
OTHER GAME FISH Sat. before Memorial Day-Aug. 31 Statewide min. size/daily limit.
WDFW hasn't stocked local rivers and streams with trout for years and I don't believe they have any intentions to start. The only trout in the Cedar are Rainbow and Cutthroat so basically it's still catch and release. If you look through the whole new regulation pamphlet, you'll see that "release CUTTHROAT TROUT and wild RAINBOW TROUT" is in there just about everywhere now. While I've never seen one I suppose there could be a Brook Trout in the Cedar and if you wanted to, you could keep those.
While I suppose you could catch the rainbow trout that were stocked in Lake Washington and decided to swim up the Cedar, I think it makes the regulations a lot harder to understand. Like Elliott5400 said, it now gives people more of an excuse than they had before, and from what I've encountered people will try to use every gray area as a loophole.