Fun night fishing my McFarland 8'3" 3wt Glass

I finally got to go fish the lake behind my house! It's been a long time and first time this year I got to fish the lake.. I chose the McFarland Black S Glass 8'3" 3 wt. As I'm sure most of you McFarland fans are going, what size? As Mike explained to me he only made 3 of this blank, as it was a difficult blank to roll in 3 piece.. Anyway I'm very happy to have this rod as it does an amazing job with weighted flies.. I started out fishing one of my poppers, but they had absolutely no interest in a popper.. So I tyed on a yellow woolly bugger and it was fantastic fishing from then on.. I hit a few largemouths first, then a little gill, and I moved to some structure and stated picking off some very large Crappies! And then I picked up a really nice Flathead Catfish, moved to another bridge and fished the pylons close and hit some more large Crappies and picked up another small bluegill. Its amazing a tiny little fish will take a fly that big..
Here's some pics of my evening

The End

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