Going to Thailand and Cambodia for a trip. Flying into Bangkok and will kind of base my trip around fishing. Also will be visiting and staying with family in Siem Reap Cambodia. Not bringing any fishing gear; looking for a guide and a good area to fish. Fly or gear, don't care much I just want to fish. I've done some research but would like any recommendations or advice from anyone who has been, or may have information on where to go or guides to fish with. Our travel plans are kinda open so I would appreciate ya'll's input!


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There is a large carp relative that eats a cherry like fruit on the Mekong river. The fly is a puff ball called the cherry bomb.
The bite starts after a breeze rolls through. Have fun!


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I spent a year in Thailand 1967-1968, but did not spend any time fishing, but I can tell you those poor people are poor, and go through hell to get protein on the table, and fish/sea food is the easiest to find. I have seen guys taking fish about 2-3 inches long to eat for dinner. That being said I have a guy I know that lives there, and has been using a spinning outfit and spinners out of his yak, he tells me he has not had any luck at all. If you can get excess to an old klong/ pond, you maybe able to get into some of the walking catfish, I'm sorry but I can't remember just what the bug is but there is one just like it that is called a blister bug (stay away from it, it lives up to its name) the other one will catch fish ask around I'm sure someone there will know what I'm talking about. Have a good time and watch out for snakes.


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Not alot of fishing action in Bangkok unless you are targeting catfish. Beach fishing if you make it to Krabi and Phuket is a whole heck lot of fun on a 5wt throwing bait fish patterns.


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I spent a year in Thailand 1967-1968,... but I can tell you those poor people are poor, and go through hell to get protein on the table,
If you go back and visit you will not believe the changes. We spent a month last year mt biking remote hill tribe villages, and even those places are modernized and doing well. Lots of fish though in anything with water, and even saw locals with fly rods.

Check out Laos for wild uncrowded wilderness.

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Also maybe check out the Snake head fishing too. There is a guy on You tube with a terrible name: "Bangkok hooker", but he has some great videos about snake heads and other Asian fish. It is all gear, but you could apply to fly fishing w/ top water. Good advice about waiting to set the hook etc. Here is a link about using frogs.


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