FS Assorted Fly Gear (new stuff added)

  1. SAGE 8 Wt, VT2, 13.6 ft, 4 piece. Custom built by professional rod builder, never fished... only lawn casted. Upgraded everything...comes with tube and case... $300 plus shipping. All high end components! Also Sage Advantage that has been fished but is still in very good condition. Comes with rod/reel case... $200 plus shipping! Pictures of rod available if you send me your email!
  2. Simms XL Guide Coat BNWT $275 (just dropped price) plus shipping! Sale price tag is $375... Burnt Umber color. Trades considered on Jacket!
  3. WTB Islander 3.4/3.6/3.8 LX series reels and/or spools. Please be reasonable with price!


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Thanks for pics....the Bauer- you list as FX2, did you mean RX2??
Don’t know what an FX2 is.
And the coat is SIMMS- not Sage? Correct?

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