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Never posted on this particular corner of WFF and not sure this is a proper question here, but I have a question about the manufacture date and value of an M1. I'll describe it the best I can:

1) The stock isn't typical...It's more like a hunting stock and has no wood covering the top of the barrel

2) The bolt is bright silver with these markings: D28287-12SA S-06 <> ... From research, I guess this indicates 8620 steel (whatever that is) and a manufacture date of 1943 for the bolt from Springfield Armory.

3) There are utterly no other numbers I can see (admittedly, I haven't taken it apart), especially nothing on the heel of the receiver

Again, from research, I've seen receivers with no markings and they are obviously aftermarket. This one doesn't appear to be, at least it doesn't look like the aftermarkets I've seen.

This belonged to my wife's grandpa. We got it from his widow; she said it was his "hunting rifle." My wife's grandpa fought in the Philippines in WWII with MacArthur, but I would be completely shocked if this was his combat weapon.

I can post pics but thought I'd first check and see if there is an M1 expert here :) If anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it.

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Seems to me he sporterized a (maybe his) combat weapon. If you’re asking what it’s worth in dollars, short answer is not much, most semi-autos make second tier sporting arms (flame on here) related to bolt guns. It’s likely valued highly by you for its family history. Thus as a gun, not much, as an pbject, lots. But not everything old is vsluable , right?

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