Lake Chopaka


~El Pescador
I am thinking of heading up there next week for a couple of days. Anyone have any recent intel? I've always wanted to try it in the early part of the season for the chironomid action. PM"s are fine too. thanks for any info.



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I'll probably camp at blue this weekend but thinking of a day trip up there to test the waters. I'm always afraid of not getting a camp spot when I go there.
Love some intel also.


~El Pescador
it looks like I may be going solo - which I'm not too excited about and I really want to snag one of the sites with the roof structures or I will be out in the open (I'm car camping). those are my only two hesitations.


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So having never been to Chopaka (big gasp by all) does this mean the boat launch is closed along with the campground? Or can you still launch a boat and fish while the campground is closed?


Sculpin Enterprises
Remember, half of the campground (the less developed northern half) is BLM land (federal). The state would not/cannot close access to the federal land. The launch is on the state half if you need something for a drift boat, but a pontoon can be carried to the beach anywhere.
There are going to be some surprised and very disappointed fishermen who make that long trek only to find it closed. Unless they are smartened are members of the WFF and read this forum. Thank you bennysbuddy for the heads up.

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