Your most productive fishery!?

During it’s peak week of the year, what fishery is your hottest?

Tell us how many you catch (& release,) and how big they are.

(Mine is probably the Harrison River mouth in BC, where at it’s peak time of mid-October I usually enjoy battling 30-40 hard-fighting chum salmon per day, each an arm-bending 11lbs. or so.)
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there are many (and I mean many) farm ponds up north that have many varities of fish in them. many of these ponds are chock FULL of fish (namely largemouth bass although some have Rainbow Trout). I havehad many great days testing these mini waters. My favorite is a 1.5 acre trout pond that has fish that average 15 in but I hve caught them up to 24in. The fish are not easy to catch so when you d catch ne there is a great feeling of accomplishment. Stalking a large trout and then getting it to hit your fly is my favorite pastime. The pond also has a small population of cutts that really put on a aerial show once you put the hooks into them. Even if i only get a couple takers I know they will be quality fish and the scenary and deer all make up for it. I've also hadmany great days C+R small largemouths from my aunt's bass pond. they are eager biters but vry spooky. Long leaders and accurate cast make up the fun also with some hawgs thrwn the mix to make it interesting. Quanity in my opinion does not mean maximum enjoyment. I have more fun when I work for my fish.


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A few other great spots, mostly from what I’ve heard, are:

The White River in Arkansas (allegedly twice as many trout per mile as any stream in Washington, Montana or Oregon, for example.) Particularly in the catch and release sections.

Vedder River in SW British Columbia in October for Kings, Coho, and Chum. I’ve caught (& released) 25+ salmon per day, and so have plenty of other people.

East Lake in Oregon. Good shot at a huge trout, but also lots of action on smaller trout if you choose to target them. Probably best when water temp. is in the mid-50’s.

Bella Coola River system, and Skeena River system for summer salmon. Lots of good sized fish.

Any other incredible spots, guys!?


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