Can I use a Label Maker sticker on my rod?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with using label makers on their rods. I would rather use that because my handwriting sucks.
Any ideas would help.

Scott Behn

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In my opinion if you can get the whole sticker to be decorative and not have any "plain" areas it would work. I rather just write directly onto the blank. That way besides the letters themselves you see nuttin but blank baby!!!!!

I tried it once using clear label tape and white printing. When I put it on the rod it looked great but when I put the finish on it dissolved the glue on the edges of the tape and they curled up. Looked very crappy so I stripped the finish off and pulled the label. Never did get any writing on the rod as I sold it to Sparse (Tyler Laurenti) the next day.

I may try again but this time overwrap the tape with clear mono to hold the edges down. That should become invisible under the epoxy. I won't know til I try it (or you do first and let me know).
i've used tape before with no problem. its nice as you can have as many tries as you need to get everything just right. the metallic pens work good. a label should be fine. just go over it lightly and quickly with finish and let it dry then you can add more coats.
I've been using a company in Woodinville called Precision Graphics to print up clear stickers with whatever name or saying that I want. Talk with Betty or Shelly - let them know wording, letter height & they have been turning the sheet around in a day or two. (They are used to printing black lettering - so be sure to specify gold or silver,...)

You do have to get a full sheet, so I usually try out some different fonts & heights so that I can make the final choice after I see the finished stickers.

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