Trolling Motor for WaterMaster?

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I read that Rich @ BSI says 35 lbs. of thrust or larger. I'm dialed into the Minn Kota Endura Max transom mount options at 40,45,50,55 lbs thrust in the 36" shaft length.

What pound thrust would you recommend?

Would love a remote or wireless steering option, but none of those by Minn Kota or MotorGuide are transom mounts so doesn't seem an option (shaft length also is too long generally). From what I gather in a few youtube videos, I can push out on an oar surface on either side to steer and just leave the transom motor behind me in 1 spot for most needs since it will be max awkward trying to reach around for it. Bow mount is another option (but with long battery leads an complication and the general obstruction for other casting seems a pain up there).

From my old sailing days and our midwest sudden and violent thunderstorms, I'd tend to buy the largest motor that is reasonable since with a bit of sudden chop, rain, and heavy wind you may need it some day. So I'd pick the 55 lbs of thrust.

Is there any downside to doing so? MinnKota doesn't list the weight of any of their motors on the spec sheet (shame on them!) so not sure what the difference might be between the 40 and 55 to carting it around. Otherwise they are all variable speed digitally driven motors so I'd expect that bigger is fine without wasting battery when you don't need it. i.e. I'd only burn extra battery on the 55 vs. the 40 when I really need it and at that point I'd be glad I have it.

Any advice from experience? I've never owned a trolling motor before. But I was damn glad some days when my Honda 4 stroke long shaft 10 HP got my S2 sailboat back into the dock before the onslaught of sketchy weather.

I plan on enough lake and frogwater fishing in the heat of the summer in the midwest where a small motor on the WM would greatly expand fishing opportunity.


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It sounds like you are trying to achieve real boat performance out of a rubber ducky. The bigger the trolling motor you use the more substantial (spelled heavy) the mount needs to be to support it. I have used a trolling motor on both a South Fork pontoon and a Scadden Predator and felt that the standard Minn Kota 30# thrust model was almost overkill. But it is about the smallest and lightest motor I could find and at $100 everywhere it is a good deal. The Endura circuitry-as nice as it is-doesn't seem worth the added expense on a boat that you can lift with one hand. If you are concerned about battery life just buy a pair of 35 amp hour wheelchair batteries for about $125 instead of one big honking unit. These weigh about 22# apiece and on a standard 30# thrust motor will last all day unless you are running on high the full time. I have used the same setup on a couple of prams as well and had plenty of both power and duration.

Watermasters are pigs to row to begin with because they plow so much in the water so it would seem that the lighter you can keep the motor and the battery the better off you would be.


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Watermasters are pigs to row...

Hey Ive, don't talk about Moana like that, she gets me where I need to go...:D

Seriously they do have a bit of surface tension and a bow like a 2x8. That's what I appreciate when the wind comes up and I don't get blown away. Otherwise I'm in no hurry in it.


30 -35lb thrust is all you need. I've is right, lighter is better. Just get an extended tiller arm to make navigation easy and you will be off and cruising.


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A 30/30 Minn Kota is all you need. I've used one on a Kodiak, Waterstrider & now on a Renegade. A larger motor will propel you faster...but not by much. You'll just dig a bigger hole in the water. I wired in a Pulse Width Modulator with a remote on mine. Easily doubles the battery life. It has a 4X6" box with a pot on it for forward/reverse and speed control. Really nice having it right next to me on my pram. DONT by the cheap ones from Amazon.
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