Beginning flies

Charles Sullivan

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Ladies and gentlemen,

I may fish for searuns in the salt this weekend for the first time. My buddies grampa has a beach ftont home. He did well today pitching spoons. He said that the fish are eating surf perch.
Anyhow, I have an 8 wt and can tie. What are the must have flies for SRC? I have some clousers, chatruse over white. What else?
Thanks guys. Im just a simple steelheader, having to worry about fly selection is siper intriguing.

Go sox,
Clousers should serve you well. I'd add a few olive over white. Maybe some olive buggers. Chum babies should still produce. Anything bait fish profile should do the trick. My top producer lately has been an olive and white epoxy bodied surf candy style fly around 3-3 1/2".

Lots of fry, sandlance, and some herring in the south sound lately. Squimp patterns have still been producing for coho but the cutthroat have been all about baitfish patterns

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