SBS Cutthroat Muskins


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A gill-breathing, hot spot Pheasant Tail. Subbed hen hackle for PT on the tail to increase durability.

hook - Dai Riki 075 #12
thread - Danville 6/0 brown
tail - hen brown
rib - small wire copper
abdomen/shellback - pheasant tail
hot spot - holo tinsel red
thorax - dubbing hare's ear
breathers - Congo Hair cream

mash barb, start thread at 2/3 mark; tie in rib, wrap to bend

measure (shank length) some hen fibers; tie in/trim

tie in some pt fibers; wrap to 2/3 mark, tie off/trim

counterwrap rib; helicopter end, cover with thread wraps

tie in some more pt for wingcase

tie in tinsel at base of thorax; wrap, tie off/trim

dub thread/dub front of thorax

tie in CH at eye with cross wraps

pull wingcase forward, tie down

trim wingcase, whip finish, SHHAN, trim CH even with rear of thorax


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