Swap Trout Dry fly swap

Icanfly, I agree, sparkle caddis...I've never seen one in person. But you choose.

D3 you can tye whatever size you like...I don't see anything wrong with a #16. I try to match the hatch as close as I can with size more so then exact color. Coachman's have all the right color combos in my eyes.

Heh Ron is that split & divided or parachute style?

I'm already getting excited...


mike doughty

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Ron Eagle Elk said:
Scott, Are we closed at 8? In any case 8 or 12, the flies are done and ready to go out. All I need is an address to send them to.

He snuck it into his first post while nobody was looking then tried to make me look like the dumbass when i mentioned needing an address as well. sneaky son of a gun he is. :D :p
I'm not a sneaky son of a... bawling: I figured everyone would look at the first post the most often so I updated it there. Sorry folks.

I closed it this past Friday at 8 tiers. The address is

Scott Behn
12506 16th St. NE #A-5
Lake Stevens, Wa. 98258

Now hows that... :p


Thanks, I guess I shouold start looking at the first post instead of going to the last page. Any extras belong to the swapmeister. They look a little weird for a BWO but they work like a charm.

I was starting to wonder if anyone was going to do a Wulff pattern, cool got ya down. I still don't know what D3 is going to tie, perhaps that coachman???

Mike I'll look out for them, thanks.



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yeah.... i have got them down now so i am going to do the coachman.... Finally figured out how to do the wings again so i am pretty stoked about that. I think they are size 16s but i lost the hook package and they may be smaller. I kind of like these small flies as they are difficult to start with but once you figure them out they go pretty quick.